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CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND  OF THE STUDY        The subject, self reliance and small scale enterprises is a topical one an becomes even so when allied with the co-operatives. This is because there is continuity decrease there is continuity decrease of resources, particularly of the third world. There is constant screech for all sort of needles, including the co-operatives to deals with small and large scale firms.        In this research, all effort are made to explain the concept and developments of self – reliance with special reference to the co-operatives societies the performance of the co-operatives in the attainment of set objectives, the problems encountered and the prospects for future.        Self – reliance is an expression, which has over time generated a lot of interest and has become conceptually and practically, attractive, particularly in developing countries wrestling with the economic for its of meeting numerous needs with limited resources.        A form Nigeria head of state and presently Nigeria president once stated, “While it is the day of government to ensure that our production capacity is qualitative and quantitatively improved, the citizen to must retrieve their taste buds for those things we do not produce (Obasanjo 1978)        Self reliance is one of those euphemistic terms sounded about like bridging the gap, meeting basic needs and eco-development in the international efforts to reduce world hunger, diseases, unemployment and generate poverty.        The topic was generated a lot of interest among writers and defines as “the ability to use ones own forces”        As government job witness contraction in the fact of present economic circumstance and as well as salaries diminished, and all these bring accompanied by inflationary tendencies, self employment is now considered the voque for sustainable existence nowadays. The retrenched, unemployment, retired including those who re-signed for salaries job, now look up to self employed as the only saving grace.        Private enterprises, especially indigenous small scale firms, have a vital role to play in promoting the social and economic well being of the nation. Hence indigenous entrepreneurship is likely to be much more recognized and much more heralded strategy of industrial development in development countries and managerial skills.        Increased productivity, natural income, market leadership, gigantic technological innovative of the sagacity of Japan, America and other developed countries are based on the foundation held by small scale industries.        Although, economics activities of developed and developing countries and sometimes viewed to be eliminated by large scale business such as cocacla, Toyota, Although, economic activities of developed and developing countries are sometimes viewed to be eliminated by large scale business such as cocoa – cola, Toyota, Itonda, AUC, John Holt e.t.c. however, it is important to note that the present sat giant companies were once small scale industries which grew over the years to become grant companies. 1.2  STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM        The aims of some individual is to be self employed for the dream to be caused, the research study is aimed of highlight may the problem that occur in making these dream a reality. The current problem that are experienced are lack of adequate capital, provision of infrasound foliates liability to relevant information when needed, lack of proper orientation e.t.c. 1.3  PURPOSE OF THE STUDY          The study is designed to examine the impact of co-operate societies in promoting self reliance and small scale enterprises with special focus on a case study of mutli-made co-operative society of workers Delta State Polytechnic Ozoro.     1.4  RESEARCH QUESTION i.     Is there any relationship between co-operative society and self reliance? ii.    Is there any relationship between co-operative society and small enterprises. iii.    Do co-operator serve any benefits from their dealing with co-operative societies. 1.5  SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY The study will be immense benefit to self employees potential industrialist and study that want to be self employed in impacting the skill needed. The finding will be of the fit in promotion the social and economic well being of the nation. 1.6  SCOPE OF THE STUDY        This  study primarily examines the impact of co-operative societies in promotion self reliance and small scale enterprise in the polytechnic only     1.7  LIMITATION OF THE STUDY        The researcher encountered a number of problems in the course of carrying this study first, the researcher was faced with problems of time for the administration of questionnaires to the respondents in various villages was inadequate since the respondents in various villages was inadequate since the period of the study was limited.        Secondly, some of the respondents were not literates enough to answer the question. The researcher had to read out the question to them and fill the responses in most cases.        Thirdly, the researcher was faced with problem of finance and transportation as a result of this, much money was spent on the fieldwork. 1.8  DEFINITION OF TERMS           Co-operative society. This is define as the voluntaries of free and independent persons team together for the purpose of common goal.        Self reliance: the ability to use one own fours.        Small scale business: This is defined has business whose scale of operation is lose than the average of the industry.        Private Enterprises: Is defined as an organization that is owned finance and managed but a person without government interference self.        Self Employment: The ability of one to why largely upon so is to achieve the goal he/she self for himself/himself.        Development: This is defined as the process by when a high degree of self reliance uneconomic growth in a given community of a country is sustained over a long period of time or with a sustained reduction in poverty, unemployment and socio – economic resurface.        Development Country: This is the country/countries with low economics development, which is measured by per capital income in industrialize and technological advancement.


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