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ABSTRACT The main aim of this study was to find out management problems of manufacturing industries in Nigeria, a case study of Nigeria Breweries PLC, and also provide solution to it. To make this research valid, the researcher used questionnaire to collect information from industrial staff. The generated information were analyzed using chi-square and the result shows that high cost of acquiring industrial machine and equipment and also inadequate government support is one of the most significant causes of management problems. The solution to management problem is that the government should support management financially in other for them to carryout their duties effectively. There should be routine maintenance of machine to avoid sudden breakdown.  
TABLE OF CONTENTS Title                                                                                         i Certification                                                                     ii Dedication                                                                       iii Acknowledgement                                                            iv Abstract                                                                           v Table of content                                                               vi CHAPTER ONE 1.0   Introduction                                                             1 1.1   Background of the study                                          1 1.2   Statement of problem                                              4 1.3   Purpose of the study                                                        4 1.4   Significant of the study                                            4 1.5   Roles of management                                               5 1.6   Research questions                                                  5 1.7   Research hypothesis                                                        6 1.8.  Scope of the study                                                   6 1.9   Definition of terms                                                   7 CHAPTER TWO 2.0   Review of related literature                                      9 2.1   Origin of manufacturing  industry                           9 2.2   Functions of management in an industry                        10 2.3   Roles and duties of management in an industry      13 2.4   Problem of management in an industry                   16 2.5   The roles of bank in the establishment of an industry                                                                   18 2.6   Goals of manufacturing   industry                           19 CHAPTER THREE 3.0   Introduction                                                             21 3.1   Research Design                                                      21 3.2   Area of the study                                                      21 3.3   Population                                                               22 3.4   Sample and sampling technique                              22 3.5   Research instrument                                                       22 3.6   Validity of the instrument                                                22 3.7   Reliability of the instrument                                    22 3.8   Method of data collection                                         23 3.9   Method of data analysis                                           23     CHAPTER FOUR 4.1   Data Presentation and Analysis                                       24 4.2   Discussion of findings                                             36 CHAPTER FIVE 5.1   Summary of the study                                             38 5.2   Summary of research findings                                 38 5.3   Conclusion                                                              39 5.4   Recommendation                                                     39 5.5   Suggestion for further research                                        40 References                                                               41 Appendix                                                                 42  
CHAPTER ONE 1.0   INTRODUCTION 1.1   Background of the Study Management as a matter of fact refers to a group of people who are in charge of co-operate business or enterprise affair. It is the act of running business and controlling it in order to achieve it set objective or goals. Management involves the process of planning, staffing, directing, organizing and controlling of effort of the organizational resources in other to achieve the organizational goals and objectives. It also the process of bringing people and organization together so that the goals of each can be met. Organization are made up of people who work to attain it goal and their personal goal as well, when these people are efficiently manage, the end result is usually positive and productive attitude that will lead to the growth and prosperity of the individuals, organization and country as a whole. On the other hand when these people or employers are inefficiently and corruptly manage, the end result is usually negative, frustration, poor performance, low productivity, losses and general retardation. Human beings are the most important resources in organization or industry because without them the goals of the organization cannot be met or accomplish, and at such it is necessary for management to know the factors that will motivate and encourage employee to put in their best effort in the organization activities entrusted to them. Industrial Growth and Development The beginning of industrial growth and development could be dated back to the days of early man on earth for the attempt he made to get his basic food, clothing and shelter. However, overtime the entire attempt made by man has been improved today. Over the years, industries have been set up and the process .is still on, both large and small scale. As a result of this some areas have recorded tremendous growth and development than others. Indeed human knowledge has brought variance in the nature of growth and development on earth. However increase in population has raised demand and rate of consumption which gave way to industrial revolution in Europe in the 18th century. In this industrial revolution, Nigeria is not left out in the quest for economic growth and development. The development eventually spread fast into other parts of the world and industrial expansion began to grow and gain ground fast from city to even rural areas. One of the most important industrial developments is the increase production of hydroelectric power which has necessitated the growth and development of both large and small scale entrepreneurship in some countries. In this respect, Africa in general and indeed Nigeria in particular was not left out in spite of British indirect rule policy. In the past most manufacturing industries have closed down and no longer exist because of poor management, while others have been privatize. A typical example of such industry is the Delta Steel Company (DSC) at Aladja that has been privatizing to foreign investors due to lack of fund and proper management. This research work is going to state some of the management problems of manufacturing industries, and also provide solution to these problems. 1.2   Statement of Problems The problem of the study is to identify the difficulties encounter by management in manufacturing industry, in particular Nigeria breweries P.L.C. 1.3   Purpose of the Study The purpose of this study is to identify the various role and duties of management in manufacturing industry, and also the problems encounter by management in carrying out their duties and also solutions to these problems. 1.4   Significant of the Study The study will be of great benefit to management and employers in an organization. It is hope that at the end of this study, it will assist stakeholders in the manufacturing industries. This study will help employers, and managers to see the difficulties encounter in each department, so that they can be able to solve these problems. It is also hope that the recommendations of this study would be of empirical relevant to management so as to adopt them to suit their objectives. 1.5   Role of Management The following are the roles and duties of management: 1.  Planning 2.  Staffing 3.  Directing 4.  Organizing 5.  Controlling 1.6   Research Question The following are the research questions for the research works: 1.  What are the needed industrial machine and equipment? 2.  What is the level of support by the government to an industry? 3.  What are the alternative sources of funds valuable to finance industrial project? 4.  What are the roles and duties of management in an industry? 1.7   Research Hypothesis In other to determine the management problem of manufacturing industry in Nigeria, it is necessary to test the following hypothesis: 1.  There is no significant relationship between the role and duties of management in an industry. 2.  There is no significant difference between the industrial machinery and equipment in an Industry. 3.  There is no significant difference between the levels of support by the government in an industry. 1.8   Scope of the Study This study is designed to cover as much as possible, all aspect of poor performance of manufacturing industry with emphasis on problems and solution to its poor performance and also the effect of the production aspect of the industries. 1.9   Definition of Terms The following terms are defined in the content in which they are used in this research work. Management: It is the process of planning, staffing, directing, organizing, and controlling of effort of organizational resources to achieve organizational goals and objectives. It is the act of dealing with people or situation in a successful way. Motivation: Motivation is an activity that brings satisfaction of needs to the reach of the workers i.e. the drive and effort to satisfy a wants or goal. Motivation factors are those incentives that enables employee to put in their best effort in the job. Examples of such incentives are bonus, award, promotion, gift etc Privatize: Privatization is the transfer of ownership from government to private. Tremendous: Tremendous has to do with increase i.e. it is an increase in growth and development of something. Revolution: Revolution is the overthrow of a government or system. It is a dramatic and far reaching change. Manufacturing: Manufacturing is the activity of making things by an industrial process. It has to do with creating.


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