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ABSTRACT The research work focused on the impact of delegation of authority in the attainment of organizational goals. ( A Case Study of I.C. Global Bank Limited). The data for  the analysis and information employed in this study was collected from the organization under study. The data collected analyzed in a tabular form showing number of respondent using the simple percentage distribution method and it was observed by the researcher that delegation of authority result in Quick discussions in the organization under study gives top management more time for strategic planning and policy making and as a motivational factor for subordinations.   On the basis of the findings of this study it was recommended among others, the capability of a subordinate must be known, before delegating adequate resources must be provided, mistakes must be permitted, subordinates should be protected from outside criticisms; communication should be kept open and often completed staff should not be over loaded and a host of other.
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1      Background of the Study Management is getting work done through the effort of other people, this entails the process of delegation and entrusting authority and responsibilities to others. Delegation is not just the arbitrary shedding of work or the issuing and the following of orders. It is the creation of a special manager subordinate relationship within the formal structure of the organization.   The concept of delegation may appear to be straight forward, but any one with experience of a work situation is likely to be aware of the importance of delegation.  Success delegation is a social skill. Where managers lack this skill or do not have sufficient awareness of people – perception, there are two extreme forms of behaviour, which can result, firstly, at one extreme is the almost total lacks of meaningful delegation.  Subordinate staff are only permitted to operate within closely defined and often routine are of work, with detailed supervision staff are treated as if they are in capable of thinking for themselves and given little or no opportunity to exercise initiative or responsibility.  Secondly, at the other extreme there can be an excessive zeal for so-called delegation when a manager resources, often with only minimal guidance or training, and expects them to take the consequence for their own action or decision these super-delegated to misuse of the practice of delegation, somehow, such a form of behaviour is not delegation.  It is abdication of the managers responsibility.  Other of these to extreme form of behaviour can be frustrating and potentially stressful for subordinate staff; and unlikely to lead to improve organizational effectiveness.   1.2      BRIFE HISTORY OF I.C GLOBAL BANK LIMITED I.C Global Micro Finance Bank was formally commissioned on the Thursday of August 25th 2006 by a representative of the government of Delta State.  The fundamental concepts of the bank is that of staff sustaining financial institution owned and manage by the group providing credit, receiving deposits and other financial services to its members.   The long and short term claim is to promote increased grass root economic and social development for both individuals and organization is through the rapid enhancement and the development of productive activities in the rural and urban area.   1.3      STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEMS The problems of the motivated work force, job dissatisfaction stress, low productivity, reluctance by the superior to delegate, managers lacking the ability to delegate in the organization have made the researchers to evaluate the impact of delegation of authority in attainment of the organization goals using I.C. Global Bank Limited, Ozoro as a case study.  And based on the findings of the study, implemented recommendations would be made.   1.4      Purpose of the study The purpose of the study are as follows- (1)        To identify the impact of delegation of authority in the attainment of organizational goals. (2)        To determine how effective delegation of authority leads to better discussions in an organization. (3)        To determine how the influence of delegation of authority will affect in the work performance of the employees in the organization under study. (4)        To proffer suggestions to the general public who may find this study useful in their engagement in day-day business activities.   1.5      SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY The significance of the study  are as follows- (i)          This study will be able to proffer solution to the problems of delegation in the organization. (ii)        It will assist management in different organizations to effectively delegate. (iii)      This study is also significant because, for an organization to succeed there is need for delegation of authority. (iv)       Finally, this study will contribute to the stack of existing knowledge from the perceptive of management and survival of organizations.   1.6      RESEARCH QUESTION  The following research Questions will serve as a guide to which the study will take. (1)             Do delegation results in Quick decisions in organization? (2)             Does delegation gives top management more time for strategic planning and policy making? (3)              Does delegation leads to motivational factor in organization? (4)             Does delegation makes for effective and uninterrupted performance on the job?     1.7      THE SCOPE OF THE STUDY This study covers an area of Delta State Private Sector, particularly I.C. Global Bank Limited, Ozoro this is located in Ika North Local Government Area Delta State. 1.8      LIMITATION OF STUDY The following are the limitation of the study most of the staff of I.C. Global Bank Limited, Ozoro reluctant in disclosing some necessary information to me.   During the visit to I.C. Global Bank Limited Ozoro, I found it difficult to reach out to most of the staff.   1.9      Operational definition of terms The following terms arte defined to provide ample clearity in the study. Employee: An individual engaged to perform approprateness of the goals. An organization is pursuing and the degree to which the organization achieve those goals.   Delegation: Delegation is the assignment of authority and responsibility to others in order to carryout certain assignment.   Job Performance: Organization have to be defined as social unit that pursue specific goals which they arte structured to serve.   Motivation: Psychological force that determines the direction of a persons behaviour in an organization.   Productivity: The output of an employee over a period of time.


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